William the Conqueror

This is William whose dad took him to the fish out ponds in Waimea, organised in conjunction with Lawson Davey of Nelson/Marlborough Fish & Game.  William has since become an avid and obviously competent young angler.

The more the merrier is what we say!Young William King with a Beauty of a Brownie

the world according to wairarapa water users

While the Ruataniwha dam splutters and staggers from one crisis to the next, costing Hawkes Bay ratepayers $250,000 every month, the Greater Wellington Regional Council quietly continues with its dam proposals , seeding misinformation and ignoring any views to the contrary, including those of the landowners whose land they plan to use the Public Works Act to confiscate.
Here is what one of those affected had to say:
The Wairarapa Water Use Project objected to independent newspaper coverage “A clarification was published by the Wairarapa News following its misleading headline and introductory paragraph in an article on 4 November 2014” page 35 WWUP Governance Group Minutes While ceaselessly misleading the community financing the project. Is this seen by WWUP/GWRC as a healthy control of the media?

“The Tararua mountain range west of the Wairarapa valley captures an annual rainfall of 5-6 metres. – (Only half of this rainfall falls in the catchments filling the reservoirs)
“Water would be ‘harvested’ from rivers at times of high flow and stored for release during dry periods” – (Water flows reduced to levels so low they only occur naturally a few days annually)
“The project aims to store excess water off-river in the winter” (excess is anything greater than minimum low flow and is in most sites stored “on river”)
“Ms Wilde said there was sufficient water available in winter running off the Tararua Ranges to refill dams for summer.Their “whole of the valley” approach would require between 5 and 13 per cent of the average volume flowing from the valley…”( Fran means 60% of the Mangatarere’s flow. Summer sounds good but this is not for swimmers as dams are emptied over summer)
“In 2016 the consent process and discussions with landowners about land purchase are due to begin” – (No mention here that they are intending to force sales using the Public Works Act and have had homeowners under this threat for 2 years)
“On-going conversations with all parts of the community are vital to hear perspectives and ideas about water uses and values, and to develop a viable and environmentally sustainable project” ( Not happening)
For those of you interested in the current state of play on these projects a file describing them (from the GWRC perspective) is attached. I found F&G’s involvement of interest. While I can commend the intended outcome, it does rather beg the question – ‘How exactly are you going to put a value on these fisheries and the potential harm caused to them and angling opportunities, to compare against any private farmers financial gains and the regions economy’? I would suggest that it is a nonsense.