Thin End of the Irrigation Wedge

Now that the  Opuha dam, oft hailed by Fed Farmers as the golden goose of environmentally positive  irrigation schemes is failing, it seems Fed Farmers and Irrigation NZ (the appalling de-watering Andrew Curtis) are now suggesting they should have the right to take water from Lake Tekapo as well.  Make the most of your back country streams as at this rate the mega-irrigators will be plumbing those into the Canterbury pivot irrigators.  When will the relentless appropriation of our freshwater systems end>


Here’s cattle with unrestricted access into the Mataura River at Nokomai Station.   The Mataura is an international draw card and one of NZ’s most famous rivers, especially for dry fly fishing.  We have been told that Environment Southland have been made aware of this appalling situation but have, as yet, failed to do anything about it.

In 2015 does anyone find this acceptable?






Oreti Cycle Trail Hearing Set

Once again independent commissioner Denis Nugent has been appointed to decide on the application by Southland District Council to construct and operate a 28km cycle trail alongside the Oreti River.  The hearing is set 2-5 February 2015 at SDC Chambers, 15 Forth St, Invercargill.