Race-based water rights a step closer

By Dr Muriel Newman

Water is being targeted by the Maori elite as the next resource to control. The influential Iwi Leaders Group is pushing ahead with their demand for a proprietary right to freshwater. They want a preferential allocation – in perpetuity – that can be commercialised. They say it’s their right under the Treaty of Waitangi. But it’s not – it’s just another attempted money grab and unfortunately our political leaders are allowing them to get away with it.

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F&G Southland, after seeking legal counsel, have applied to the Environment Court for a reversal of the decision to allow the cycle trail alongside the upper Oreti River.

We believe there are sufficient inconsistencies in the 2012 and 2015 decisions against and for the cycle trail, respectively, and inadequate consideration of the proposed alternative Mararoa route to warrant this challenge.