Happening to a river near you

NZFFA Exec member John Collins hosted Adrienne Lomax of the Waiora Ellesmere Trust (WET) at a meeting of the Christchurch Fishing and Casting Club recently.

Her presentation was a good reminder to me that in engaging the issues that really affect fishing and fishing clubs we too often feel that we are forced into an aggressive-defensive situation shrouded in frustration.

How we are dealing with what happened to the former world class fishery of the Selwyn River, and about to happen to a river near you, is a classic example of adversarial “frustrationology” in practice. We hope to bring about enough political pressure, by beating enough drums, to force change by legislative means. We may well succeed but look at the video on the links supplied by Adrienne and reflect.

If you do nothing else this week that somebody like me has suggested; then make it this viewing.

Hart’s Creek is the major tributary of the lake at the southern end. If the links don’t work the just search You tube.

Here’s a link to the Harts Creek video – happy for you to share with anyone who may be interested.   If you want to download it, the button is in the top right hand corner of the page.  It’s a very big file in MP4 format and will play in windows media player or similar.

The video is also on YouTube and the link is on our website   http://www.wet.org.nz/resources/videos/


Contact Adrienne Lomax, Waihora Ellesmere Trust General Manager, 021 052 9720

PO Box 198, Tai Tapu 7645, Canterbury, NZ

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