Freshwater Reform & National Policy Statement

The “Next Steps for Freshwater” consultation document has been published by the Ministry for the Environment and Ministry of Primary Industries.  Download a copy HERE

A summary of the proposed reforms and how to make a submission are HERE

Fish & Game have issued press releases on the Next Steps for Freshwater proposals HERE…

…and HERE

Our initial interpretation of the freshwater reform proposals are below.  Click on it to expand.Freshwater - Reform or DeformOur submission on the Next Steps for Freshwater is HERE


In 2014 we submitted as part of the consultation process but little notice seems to have been taken.  Read our submissions below:

NPS- NZFFA Submission Final

Freshwater Reform- NZFFA Submission V1.0

The National Bottom Lines set pollutants, such as nitrates, phytoplankton, phosphorus and ammonia at toxic levels allowing for  Councils to promote continued and increased pollution.  For example, the allowable concentration of ammonia in the NPS is 1.3-2.2 mg ammonia per litre of water, despite US research showing concentrations as low as 0.05mg/l causing growth retardation of rainbow trout larvae.

Here’s our shameful government freshwater standards…

…and here’s the US research on the dangers of ammonia to rainbow trout..

rainbow trout and ammonia



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