About Us

The New Zealand Federation of Freshwater Anglers (Inc) is an affiliation of anglers and angling clubs throughout NZ and overseas. It has been in operation since 1974 and is an independent organisation that seeks to represent the collective interests of the near 100,000 licence holding anglers who participate in freshwater sports fishing throughout New Zealand.  The Federation’s strength lies in its independence and the number of anglers it represents.


The Federation’s work is to identify and resolve national issues affecting freshwater angling in NZ and supports member clubs and organisations in their efforts to resolve local issues.


Constitutionally it is charged to advocate the protection of New Zealand’s natural environment and in particular its freshwater ecosystems, their surrounding environment and the recreational angling so afforded.  As anglers we see and experience changes to rivers and lakes first-hand and are thus best placed to comment on any proposals that affect freshwater systems and catchment areas.


Besides being keen anglers, our members are also farmers, agricultural consultants, accountants, conservationists, resource planners, teachers, journalists and scientists – professional people all passionate, knowledgeable about and reliant upon the environment.  Many have also fished overseas and have experienced the deterioration of fresh water by environmentally insensitive and thoughtless development, a situation which they do not wish to see repeated here


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